Free: Romanov Witches Origins

Romanov Witches Origins is a dysfunctional, magical family saga of 3 generations of witches. Dima, the Romanovs’ matriarch finds a shapeshifting stone that gives her the magic to live forever. In the first four books she ages from 98 to 140 but shifts into a woman who looks 19. She gives birth to three daughters, Medea who turns into a cat at night, Nikki who can communicate with the dead, and crazy Liliya who gives birth to Astra, who would like to be anything but a witch. Free to $0.99 ... [Read More...]

Free: The Pixies

Lily last saw the dreaded pixies when they killed her father and confined her to this orphanage, a castle buried in the middle of the woods. Now, nine years later, when a regiment of soldiers arrives with black boxes carrying ancient Egyptian monsters, Lily is about to have a reunion. Only she knows the pixies can reveal their victims’ greatest dreams and worst nightmares… Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Wolf Hunt: Risen and Hunted Book 2

Both a witch and a teen are struggling with the effects of werewolf bites. 17-year-old Alan lost almost everything in MOONRISE (Risen and Hunted Book 1), but the witches’ magic has kept him alive and coping with his were-curse. The witches see hope for Alan as they study the magic used in another witch’s taming but then become distracted when another pack of werewolves arrive hunting Alan. Can witchcraft Alan and the other witch from the were-serum before the next full moon? $0.99 on Ki... [Read More...]

Free: Hidden Magic

A cursed witch, four intriguing young men, and a shadow realm hidden within their academy. My name is Willow Oliver, and I’m descended from a bloodline of powerful yet cursed witches. At least, that’s what my mother claims. Most people think she’s crazy. I never put too much thought into it—the whole being a witch thing—I assumed my strange quirks were something everyone else had. Flowers don’t glow when you look at them? When others my age go off to faraway colleges and escape our ... [Read More...]

Twitching Light

Twitching Light is a short story and poetry collection that seeks to answer this question through the exploration of the fantastical, bizarre, and disturbing niches of our world. So light your candles and grab your vorpal blades, for an Orphic journey lies before us. $8.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Rougarou War: A Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz Prequel

This second installment in the award-winning Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz series ties up unanswered questions in Book 1 and ties into our modern day heroes’ next big adventure. Set in Townsend, TN in 1901, Pinkerton Detectives William Rue and Johnny Walking-Stick are hired by the Little River Lumber Company to investigate strange occurrences that has halted the construction of their railroad. What they find is the least of their worries when a family of Rougarous (werewolves) arrive with nefarious... [Read More...]

Free: Doctor Leviathan volume one

Doctor Leviathan volume one is a 150 page black and white horror graphic novel that takes place in a dystopian future. In this world the world is overrun with monsters and mankind discovers that if it is to survive then it will need a special monster to protect them from other monsters. The name of this monster is Doctor Leviathan. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Complete 7 Book Potion Commotion Mystery Series

Sam is an earth witch who concocts smoothie potions for whatever ails you. Her friend Tessa is a spicy and ferocious fire witch who owns the local diner. Phineas and his pet rooster Chuckles are regular customers. Join this motley crew as they solve murders and combat evil forces along the way. This is the complete seven book series for the Happy Blendings Witch Cozy Mystery Series including these books: The Potion Commotion A Pumpkin Potion Explosion A Drop in the Potion A Notion of a Potion A... [Read More...]

Free: The Sugar Skull

There is a dark place between desire and obsession… Ricky just wants to graduate, win the hand of his best girl, and escape his addict mother. However, a strange midnight visit and the arrival of an enchanted sugar skull turn his world upside down and lead to a battle for his soul. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]