Free: Torn Pages

After a winter of snowball fights and photo-taking, fifteen-year-old David Flint isn’t looking forward to the onslaught of exam season. Nervous and prone to panicking, it would be a miracle if he even makes it through the next week. The weather is getting oven-hot and the trees are looking unusually life-like. A school trip into the woods ends with the trees coming alive and attacking people. The creatures are repelled by David’s strange classmate, Alice Collins, who suddenly draws ... [Read More...]

The Ghost Circus: An Onyx Webb Supernatural Thriller

Life for Onyx Webb is complicated, especially because she’s dead. When a traveling circus comes to Crimson Cove, and mysterious deaths occur, Onyx is the number one suspect. And, once the FBI gets involved, her long-time secret may finally be exposed. It’s one thing to stop people from committing crimes, but how do you stop ghosts? Perfect for lovers of t.v. series like Stranger Things, Dexter, and Bates Motel. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Lunatic’s Laugh

Lilli Ashler was an actor who found fame in a play called A Lunatic’s Laugh, then she disappeared from public view. When Lilli dies, her granddaughter, Dominique, inherits her Gothic Irish mansion, which stands opposite a notorious asylum where the writer of A Lunatic’s Laugh spent time as an inmate before he dashed his head against the wall, his blood and brains seeping into the stone. The writer’s death led to rumors he was a practitioner of black magic and that the asylum is possessed.... [Read More...]

The Malediction of Llewyn Glass

“You’re only as noble as your choices, Mister Glass.” A frightening fable like no other. On Halloween Eve, at America’s oldest pub, walks in a strange and mesmerizing man who tells an unbelievable story. One of a former priest who sold his soul only to find out he was conned into doing so and his terrifying odyssey of facing gods and monsters from across the world in the hopes he will find salvation. A chilling and impossible tale which keep the bar patrons paralyzed with intrigue and f... [Read More...]

I’ve Never Told Anyone

“I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it’s true…” High up in a firewatch tower. Down a desolate country road. Inside a cookie-cutter house in the middle of the suburban sprawl. Ghosts, creatures, and demons are everywhere, waiting for their next victim. I’ve Never Told Anyone is a collection of eleven such stories. Inside, discover… * 734 Walnut Lane tells the saga of a house flipper that discovers their latest purchase has a long-dead squatter who isn’t... [Read More...]

Dead Silent

Chris Chandler is on the run from the press and the furious citizens of Beamishstock, Maine. He agrees to house-sit an isolated estate near Lewis, Vermont with a history and a curse that stretches back to the Albigensian Crusade. There, Chris soon learns that one of the town’s prodigal sons, Gilbert Burgoyne, has recently returned with plans for a Goth festival and Grand Guignol Theater, which he’ll fund through the sale…of the dead and dying. In order to save a collection of priceless ar... [Read More...]

The Book of Demons

The Book of Demons, the much-anticipated sequel to The Book of Souls, finds Jack Kelly in the fight of his life. This time, he’s not battling ghosts. His nemesis is the shapeshifting necromancer, Mr. Philips, who inhabits both the world of the living and the world of the dead. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Romanov Witches Origins

Romanov Witches Origins is a dysfunctional, magical family saga of 3 generations of witches. Dima, the Romanovs’ matriarch finds a shapeshifting stone that gives her the magic to live forever. In the first four books she ages from 98 to 140 but shifts into a woman who looks 19. She gives birth to three daughters, Medea who turns into a cat at night, Nikki who can communicate with the dead, and crazy Liliya who gives birth to Astra, who would like to be anything but a witch. Free to $0.99 ... [Read More...]