Hugo D’Guana, a detective who suffers from epilepsy is thrown into a world of crime and slowly uncovers a secret plot to cause a war between Britain and the United States, run by a cult caused Maze Enterprises. The deeper he goes into this terrorist conspiracy the closer he gets to a mentalist and shapeshifter called Enigma. He soon realizes that there are people with supernatural powers hiding in the world he knows. The further he goes into uncovering this terrorist plot, the more he rea... [Read More...]

Pure Poison (Purity Wellman Book 1)

Purity isn’t going to give up and die again. She died the first time in 1958, and the devil stole her soul on her front doorstep. After more than fifty years in Purgatory, she returns from the underworld. Her brother, who saved her from the devil and handed her to Hades, is supposed to be there to meet her. But he isn’t. Purity has to find her way in a new, overwhelming world she doesn’t understand. But there is still evil, supernatural evil, in the world, and that she understands all too... [Read More...]


“The Old Ones are waking once more…” The Artist crafted his masterpiece throughout the city in flesh and blood of its residents. The Artist stalked Detective Jennifer Kale, turning hunter into prey – a decision that ultimately leads to his downfall. Now over a decade later, Jennifer Kale and her child are thrust into an even more nightmarish world as The Artist returns triumphantly from beyond to complete his work and herald the return of his masters. In a world unprepared for the thing... [Read More...]

The Other

It started as a typical day in a sleepy little coastal village. But little did they know everything was about to change forever. Corporal Joe Mills of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrives at Gallou Cove, certain the reported ‘sea monster’ washed ashore would be nothing. What he found there on the beach chilled him to the core. Dr. Adele Kramer, a marine biologist, shows up to categorize the find. The creature defies any known life found on Earth. At least, nothing originating on the pl... [Read More...]

Seer of Truth: A Maura Robichard Action Adventure Psychic Thriller

If you like haunting crime, psychic suspense and paranormal thrillers, this series is for you… What would you do if you were face to face with the most heinous monster on the planet? Can a pair of Snake-Eyes Dice Cause Maura’s Swirling Black Death? Psychic witch and investigative reporter Maura Robichard has just been awarded a Pulitzer for her journalism. Her career is on fire. She’s a star at the New Orleans Times Picayune-Advocate and still celebrating when the dreams, remote viewi... [Read More...]

Free: Requiem for a Rock Star

Requiem for a Rock Star is a twisted tale of second chances and redemption. A forgotten one-hit-wonder dying broke and alone in a Los Angeles flophouse is saved from suicide by a beautiful stranger. Given a chance to relive the best day of his existence in exchange for his life, the washed-up rocker must choose between living in obscurity or going out in a blaze of glory. Will he choose life, or are there worse things than death? ... [Read More...]