Seer of Truth: A Maura Robichard Action Adventure Psychic Thriller

Seer of Truth : A Maura Robichard Action Adventure Psychic Thriller
If you like haunting crime, psychic suspense and paranormal thrillers, this series is for you…

What would you do if you were face to face with the most heinous monster on the planet?

Can a pair of Snake-Eyes Dice Cause Maura’s Swirling Black Death?

Psychic witch and investigative reporter Maura Robichard has just been awarded a Pulitzer for her journalism. Her career is on fire. She’s a star at the New Orleans Times Picayune-Advocate and still celebrating when the dreams, remote viewings and visions begin — this time invading her days, nights and senses with playing cards, snake-eyes dice and swirling black death.

Maura finds herself at the Diamond Casino in the Big Easy where trouble escalates until she’s confronted with unparalleled evil, treachery, fear and death.

Can Maura act quickly to save the people she loves? $0.99 on Kindle.

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