Shehkrii – Humanity’s future

What if all mythologies were but a pale and distorted shadow of the truth and civilization a curse upon humanity? What if you discovered the truth not by accident but because it sought you out! How do you reconcile people who have godlike powers but claim to be nothing more than fellow travelers on the scientific path? A scientific path that modern technology has not yet invented instruments capable of measuring. Do you take it on faith, something you’ve sworn never to do or do you accept the empirical data placed squarely in front of you? Neil Carlisle and his team face this dilemma. And they’ve made enemies of a very powerful religious organization whose influence is both global and deadly. Interpol magistrate, Johan Lutz doesn’t face the same problems. He lives them. Raised within and without the community known as the Shehkrii (shay-cree), he walks a convoluted path of normalcy and the extraordinary. But he too has acquired powerful enemies and will need the help of his mother’s formidable friends. Welcome to the world of the Shehkrii.

The world as it was intended to be but was knocked off course by a random stellar accident which interrupted the plans of an entity more than four billion years old. An entity who is now severely pissed that her life’s work is threatened. An entity capable of creating an extreme solution to her problems. A solution named Nathan Chalk, a man a thousand years in the making, who can literally crack mountains but would rather buy you a good drink and share a joke to convince you to do the right thing. But who can still sink a continent if the drink doesn’t work? $2.97 for series $0.99 individually on Kindle.

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