Free: The Falls

The Falls
After a lethal house fire, fifteen-year-old Emily Fall and her family relocate to the Yorkshire Moors in the hopes of starting a new life. The angel statue by the front gates has its head missing. The gardener in the back keeps a loaded shotgun. The front garden is a historic graveyard littered with the tombstones of past residents. It’s in this strange new place that Emily must deal with her lingering suspicions about the fire. The police declared it arson but were unable to find the culprit, though Emily suspects her own brother. Robert Fall, a reckless man with a dark past. She may be right. Robert knows as much from the way he avoids her, holing up in his room where the door is always bolted. He’s not the only one disturbed.

When they spend the first night in the new house, the Fall Family is woken up by the howl of a steam train. Emily thinks her new house is haunted. But it’s worse. Far worse. Free on Kindle.

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