Among Altin

Among Altin, a new sci-fi and horror novel that lands readers in the Rocky Mountain region of Utah. The town of Altin, a large farming community, suffers through hard times in the midst of summer. Fields and crops lay withered and burnt at the hands of their own farmers. Jake Sturbridge, serving as a botanist outside of town, arrives to find his once flourishing hometown in great dismay over the ruined properties. The recent onset of mold throughout the farmers’ crops attracts the attention of governments agents and a fanatical survivalist cult, Heaven’s Covenant. With being recruited by agents to assist in finding the origin of the infestation, Jake’s attempt to balance tending to his family and keeping them together becomes increasingly difficult on his own family’s property. With struggling inhabitants unemployed and starving, they gather together in parties and hunt along the hills of the Wasatch Mountains. What some of the parties come across in the wooded hills sets an abnormal storm of events that further plunges all into a dire state, producing chaos in the wake of its affects. $3.99 on Kindle.

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