Free: Masquerade

Every time Amy and her sisters fall asleep, they wake up in the French Revolution.

Amy Harris thought a move to a new town would help her family recover from their father’s tragic death. On the car ride, she and her sisters fall asleep and find themselves in a carriage in 19th century France. In her dreams, Amy becomes Adele: a French peasant girl traveling to Versailles. Startling awake, when Amy and her family get to their strange new neighborhood of Louisville, the fantastical dreams only continue. They dance in ballgowns beneath paintings. They feed cakes to King Louis VI. Ladies faint at parties with bite-marks on their necks. Their strange landlord haunts their dreams as the King’s advisor, Lord Delacroix; alive in another place and time. Amy learns of the folk hero Masquerade, who may be the key to stopping the madness before she and her sisters don’t wake up at all. Free on Kindle.

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