Free: Dark Tales Of Sorrow And Despair

Dark Tales Of Sorrow And Despair
Little Mothers -The villagers stand huddled at the edge of the river, frozen by the sight before them.

Horrific. Inexplicable. Monstrous.

Who would do such a thing?

The townspeople have become used to vagrants lurking in their streets since the fall of the Soviet Union, while witless officials shake their heads at mounting unsolved crimes. But the river sees everything. The drunks, and the abusers. The poachers and thieves. The children who walk into the twilight, and never return.

So many secrets trapped in its dark, icy depths, now all rising to the surface.

Gipsy Gift – A stranger meets a gipsy in the woods. One holds a gun and the other, a dangerous secret. Both are caught in a dance with the devil, but for one of them, this cold and grisly night will be their last. The Gipsy The forest is quiet. Too quiet. The ancient trees and hidden creatures hold their breath as the old man sits in his camp and waits. When a shadow breaks from the darkness, it bears the long line of a loaded rifle and a deeply-growled threat. The old man has been keeping a disturbing secret, and someone knows the truth. If he refuses to meet the stranger’s demand, the woods he calls home will be painted with his blood. The Stranger Desperation is a fickle friend. It fills a man with courage that soon turns to madness, until the red haze clears and he finds himself in a forest hunting a gipsi, with nothing but a gun and a prayer. No good comes of dabbling with the dark arts—or dealing with the folk who do the devil’s work. But the stranger has no choice. This is his destiny. Two men. One night. And a promise that will soon become a curse. Free on Kindle

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