The Butterfly Girl

The Butterfly Girl
Kat has more than ghosts on her mind when she joins her thrill-seeking friends for a “haunting party” at a woodland retreat. Every night since she received her invitation, fear and suspicion have followed her into sleep. Kat is a woman hounded, haunted by dreams: nightmarish visions that might be more than just a parade of disturbing images.

She’s not the sole keeper of those dreams, either. Someone else, acutely aware of their content, wastes no time telling Kat she’s not alone.

Strange occurrences at the cabin all seem to hint at an answer; but during a deadly encounter, the true nature of Kat’s nightmares reveals itself with sinister clarity, propelling the story to its extraordinary conclusion.

The Butterfly Girl will leave readers questioning their beliefs about ghosts and the essential nature of hauntings. $2.99 on Kindle.
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