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The Dead Travel Fast

The line between a hero and a villain is often thinner than we imagine…

Vlad 3 Dracula, prince of Wallachia and defender of Christendom. Count Dracula, who inspired one of the greatest horror tales in history… are both alive in the same extraordinary man… a man who’s past holds the key to defeating a new and bloody evil …

Veronica Belle, an average young woman with aspirations of becoming a horror writer has chosen the pastoral seaside town of Potter’s neck to inspire her… and yet things just don’t seem to be going anywhere… but that’s about to change.

When Vince Drake, young, handsome, charming and successful world-famous vampire author strolls into Veronica’s life, her hopes for excitement quickly begin to spiral into a terrifying waking nightmare…

A bloody vandalism, a grisly ritual murder and a growing string of sicknesses and disappearances begins to pull back the veil on an impossible growing horror… Monsters are real and they thirst for an ancient mystery that promises ultimate power… an inevitable clash between the stalkers of the night and courageous an unlikely slayers… and it all hinges on an unlikely ally who will challenge everything you and Veronica Belle believe about vampires… including the most famous of them all!

Potter’s neck lies at a critical bend in the river of time… and that river surges crimson in this new twist on an enduring legend!

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