Blood Ever After

Blood Ever After

Tyler Boyd is not a happy boy. Firstly, he is very in love with Charlotte, who is better looking than him, smarter, and in Tyler’s humble opinion, will end up more successful.

But thankfully the apocalypse has put a stop to all that.

Or at least to any of his competition.

Most of the world’s population has perished.

Tyler is now all by himself in this zombie-ridden world, needing to make it back to his parents’ house to see if they are still alive.

But something lurks in the shadows. Something miserable and old, calling Tyler’s name.

Will he survive this horrid new world? And more importantly, will he get the girl in the process?

Blood Ever After is Book 1 of The March of the Dead, a duology about a boy in a terrifying new world, who only wants two things: to save his parents, and get a date with the new girl on the way. $0.99 on Kindle.
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