Merlin’s Creed

Merlin's Creed
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dark magic betrayal separated lovers

Stuck in medieval times, running from a dangerous order of mages, survival depends on a rough deal

Kim is fighting the odds to reach Merlin alive. After a narrow escape from the powerful mages of the Order of the First Shrine, she and Seth take the risky road to the one person who can help them. But in exchange for safety, Merlin expects them to joins his battle against the Order, and the young witch knows it’s a battle they cannot win.

In the present, Seth is struggling with Kims angry silence. He wants their life to return to normal, after their journey to the past where he’d navigated the treacherous world of political England.

But Merlins protection came at a price, and Seth had to go behind Kims back. Having lost the trust of the woman he loves, can he bridge the distance between them that keeps growing? $2.99 on Kindle.
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