How to Find Free Horror Books on Kindle

At any given time, Amazon has more than 2,000 free horror books listed on the Kindle store. These heart-pounding horror novels include beloved subgenres such as post-apocalyptic fiction, psychological thrillers, paranormal horror, survival fiction, crime, and more. If you have a special place in your heart for the darker side of literature, read on to learn how you can stock up on hundreds of Kindle horror novels for free. First steps to getting free books If you don’t already have one, you�... [Read More...]

Prey for Dawn: A Wicked Horror Novel

If you’re on the prowl for a new type of horror novel to enjoy this autumn, author Christopher Michael Blake has recently published a heart-pounding story that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from page 1. Blake’s debut book weaves together several elements of horror to create a one-of-a-kind tale that you’ll be tempted to read around a campfire to your unsuspecting friends. If you’re fascinated by history, haunted battlefields, uncanny humanoid creatures, or ghost stories in gene... [Read More...]

Haunting Horror Stories by John Pelletier

People have been enamored by the horror genre for millennia. Ghost stories, urban legends, and macabre stories of monsters or the supernatural remain immensely popular for readers in all walks of life. Even librarians like to go to the dark side of their imaginations. Take author John Pelletier, for example. He’s a quiet librarian by day and a horror author by night. If you’re a fan of horror stories, you might enjoy his unsettling tales. Each of Pelletier’s stories are quick reads (about... [Read More...]

5 Must-Read Paranormal Fiction Books

If you’re thrilled by stories of ghosts, spirits, and paranormal occurrences, prepare to be both delighted and haunted by these highly-recommended novels. For a suspenseful ride you won’t forget, pick up one of these popular paranormal suspense books today… if you dare. The Ghosts of Miller’s Crossing The debut novel of the Miller’s Crossing series begins with the story of a broken man trying to hold himself and his family together after his wife passes away. Edward Meyer takes h... [Read More...]

5 Chilling New Horror Novels of 2021

Classic horror stories like Frankenstein and The Shining are great books to revisit, but once in a while, you might need something new and exciting to give you a real scare. If you want a heart-pounding horror story unlike anything you’ve read before, these 5 brand-new novels of 2021 are sure to keep you awake at night. The Witch When young Ryan and Emily Campbell find themselves facing yet another family tragedy, they beg their mother to let them go home instead of visiting the hospital tha... [Read More...]

The Marionette Zombie Series

The Marionette Zombie Series is a fast paced story of survival in a world of undead. Early reports of the new virus were almost unbelievable. By the time the media dubbed it the Marionette virus, it was already too late. The Toles family spent the morning getting ready for the holiday break. Bridger Preston was getting ready for his daily analyst spot. Tilly and Raj Varma were about to start their new life. The day the world ends, starts like any other day. $2.99 to 3.29 on Kindle.   Lea... [Read More...]