5 Chilling New Horror Novels of 2021

Classic horror stories like Frankenstein and The Shining are great books to revisit, but once in a while, you might need something new and exciting to give you a real scare. If you want a heart-pounding horror story unlike anything you’ve read before, these 5 brand-new novels of 2021 are sure to keep you awake at night.

The Witch

When young Ryan and Emily Campbell find themselves facing yet another family tragedy, they beg their mother to let them go home instead of visiting the hospital that reminds them of their father’s recent passing. The children’s mother arranges for them to stay with a friend of their grandmother for an afternoon, but it soon turns out that the sweet old lady has her own dark and sinister intentions… and she’s not afraid to use the powers of Hell to get revenge.

Near the Bone

Mattie lives on a secluded mountain with her husband, William, who becomes a different, terrifying person when he’s angry or upset. Mattie tries to keep the peace and stay silent, but when three strangers randomly show up at their home and start telling stories of strange creatures that haunt the forest, Mattie fears she’ll be facing more than one kind of monster soon.

The Burning Girls

Centuries ago, residents of Chapel Croft mercilessly burned supposed witches at the stake, and the dark, tragic history of the small town continues to haunt current residents. Teenage girls continue to go missing, everyone seems suspicious of newcomers, and strange apparitions of women on fire start tormenting 14-year-old Flo Brooks. Her reverend father must try unconventional methods to heal the town of its tortured, brutal past.

Whisper Down the Lane

This demonic tale was inspired by the real-life Satanic Panic phenomenon that occurred throughout the 1980s, in which fears of devil worship and child sacrifice weighed heavily on the minds of American parents. In this story, an innocent lie from a young child spirals into a nationwide scandal that ends up causing untold damage to people’s reputations and lives. 30 years later, it’s time for someone to pay the price for this unspeakable crime.

Mother May I

Bree Cabbat woke up, startled by a somber elderly woman staring at her through her bedroom window. Bree tried to convince herself that her mind was playing tricks on her, but later that day, her infant son was kidnapped from her car when she had her back turned for just a moment. Desperate to find her baby, Bree has to figure out who the mysterious old woman is and what she wants from her.

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