Prey for Dawn: A Wicked Horror Novel

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If you’re on the prowl for a new type of horror novel to enjoy this autumn, author Christopher Michael Blake has recently published a heart-pounding story that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from page 1. Blake’s debut book weaves together several elements of horror to create a one-of-a-kind tale that you’ll be tempted to read around a campfire to your unsuspecting friends. If you’re fascinated by history, haunted battlefields, uncanny humanoid creatures, or ghost stories in general, you need to get your hands on Prey for Dawn.

Prey for Dawn

This terrifying book takes place on the Walnford Plantation, a long-forgotten region that has been abandoned since the horrific battles that took place there during the Civil War era. However, the plantation will continue to witness unspeakable horrors as people are mysteriously drawn to the location for a variety of personal reasons. On the same night, the plantation draws a small group of total strangers together for a night they’ll never forget… if they survive at all.

The unfortunate souls who end up on the plantation include a private investigator, who finds themself searching for clues about a missing person’s case, a vengeful and unfaithful wife, three Nomad gang members, and two men who are on the hunt for rare gold from the Confederacy. As each person crosses paths with one another, it becomes clear that they’re not the only ones lurking in the shadows of the old plantation. Banding together, the group finds themselves trapped in a mind-boggling labyrinth of tunnels while being hunted by eerily human-like bloodthirsty monsters. In the face of imminent danger, each person is pushed to the very limit in the fight for survival. The morning light can’t come soon enough.

About Christopher Michael Blake

Christopher Michael Blake published his debut novel, Prey for Dawn, on October 4, 2021, but fans of his work can rest assured that Blake is hard at work creating more content in the near future. According to the author’s website, Blake is currently writing several short stories, along with a second horror novel.

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