Haunting Horror Stories by John Pelletier

People have been enamored by the horror genre for millennia. Ghost stories, urban legends, and macabre stories of monsters or the supernatural remain immensely popular for readers in all walks of life. Even librarians like to go to the dark side of their imaginations. Take author John Pelletier, for example. He’s a quiet librarian by day and a horror author by night.

If you’re a fan of horror stories, you might enjoy his unsettling tales. Each of Pelletier’s stories are quick reads (about 30 to 45 pages in length) but guaranteed to stay with you long after you’ve finished it. Here’s more about each of his novellas:


A Visitor

In 1837, Dr. Charles Barrett hosted a small party with his closest friends in his stunning Victorian mansion. The group made its way into the doctor’s study as the night went on, and they began to tell stories of inexplicable situations, frightening encounters, and other disturbing tales. Dr. Barrett eventually joined the conversation with his own odd story about a mysterious gentleman whom the doctor first met in his childhood home. As Dr. Barrett shares his tale, he reveals the long, strange history of how their lives became intertwined.

Interrogation in Rm #249

When jaded detective Mike Distefano is called to interrogate a suspect late one night, he doesn’t think much of it at first. He enters the room to start questioning the individual, but the suspect’s provoking questions begin to make Mike feel uneasy. As both the detective and the suspect try to encourage the other to talk, Mike isn’t quite sure who’s really being questioned anymore: the suspect or himself.


After Alan’s book fails to gain approval for publication, Alan’s strained marriage finally reaches a breaking point. Left alone with nothing but his broken heart and thoughts of failure, Alan becomes singularly obsessed with a special project. As he sinks deeper into his obsession, he fails to realize the dangerous threats that are surrounding him and his loved ones. Will he be able to rescue himself from his own mind before it’s too late?


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