5 Must-Read Paranormal Fiction Books

Popular Paranormal Fiction books

If you’re thrilled by stories of ghosts, spirits, and paranormal occurrences, prepare to be both delighted and haunted by these highly-recommended novels. For a suspenseful ride you won’t forget, pick up one of these popular paranormal suspense books today… if you dare.

The Ghosts of Miller’s Crossing

The debut novel of the Miller’s Crossing series begins with the story of a broken man trying to hold himself and his family together after his wife passes away. Edward Meyer takes his two children back to his old hometown, which is far from the idyllic place it used to be. Today, a dangerous and deadly paranormal entity has taken over the town with cruel demons and spirits, all because of a centuries-long secret held by the Meyer family. Edward needs to find out how to restore peace before another tragedy occurs to his loved ones.

Haunted Hideout

The first novel in The Haunted Ones series begins when Lydia’s husband is suddenly shot and killed by a hitman, which forces Lydia and her two kids to trust the FBI to protect them. After being placed in the Witness Protection Program, Lydia thought she would be safe, but there’s something unnerving about the safe house they’re placed in. There’s a long, strange history of torment and evil in the home, and when a blizzard snows the grieving family inside, they fear they might not survive through the night.

The Sensitives

The debut novel in The Sensitives series introduces the reader to Oscar, a paranormally-gifted person who’s stuck in a boring, dead-end job without any friends, passions, or ambitions. When he meets another Sensitive named April, however, everything changes. April shows how Oscar can use his powers to do good in the world, but this will also require him to face some very real demons… both metaphorically and literally.

The Wake

This brief novella packs a major punch when it comes to scare factor. The Wake begins when Oxford student Michael learns his old music teacher had passed away, and he’s invited to be present for the reading of her will. Michael is surprised at this, but he travels back to a remote part of Ireland to heed his teacher’s wishes. Not everyone is happy to see Michael, though, and he realizes that he might not be able to escape their clutches.

The Haunting of Hill House

Praised by the renowned horror writers like Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King, this utterly terrifying novel is considered to be a modern supernatural classic. The book begins by introducing the reader to four individuals who aim to study the strange activities that happen at the infamous Hill House. However, the house itself is slowly gathering powers from the dwellers, waiting for the moment to claim one of the individuals forever.


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