Forged in Water and Fire

Forged in Water and Fire

If you love magic/tech, dragons, strange powers, brave heroes and braver women, medieval futures and terrible pasts, you are going to love this book!

An ancient evil, left over from the Great War, threatens the five United Kingdoms and Lucan, his clan and family are called upon to try and stop the disaster. As Francis fumes over the delaying of his marriage to his beloved Eliza, as children are born to the family, and all the coastal towns are evacuated in anticipation of storm surges and tsunamis, Lucan and his brothers try to reconcile what they know of their past with what they find in the Dead lands. Helped by their grandmother KayaMeika, the sorceress who lives with the dragonfolk, aided by a wonderful assassin tech from a faraway country where there is no magik, assisted by Hadrian and the wizards, they battle the remnants of the old times. In joining their magik with the technology of the new country, they unlock the secrets kept from them from centuries ago. Now bonds are formed, old rivalries simmer as dragon and clansmen alike work to survive together in a new world forged of trust and fire. $3.38 on Kindle.

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