War of Destiny 4: Fallen Soul

Feared. Hunted. Shunned.

Lane Marlow has been on the run for decades. Condemned for feeding off his own kind, he escaped Valentino, King of the Vampires. As rumors circulate about how such a young vampire escaped, Valentino orders him killed on sight. Lane manages to elude or kill all those who came after him before disappearing.

But now, Lane longs for the home he had been forced to abandon. As he starts to make his way back to Ireland, he is discovered in Rome. Realizing that his quarry is still very much alive, Valentino sends two of his Council members to lead the hunt.

As Lane battles those sent after him, he stumbles across a group of vampires who are different than any he’s ever dealt with. They don’t attack him. They don’t run from him. And they live with humans. But are they unexpected allies, or just another obstacle to getting home? $0.99 on Kindle.

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