Free: Untold Mayhem: An Assortment of Violence

Untold Mayhem: An Assortment of Violence

24 Intense Tales of Madmen and Monsters from a Master Storyteller.

Crime Stories Filled with Suspense, Horror, and Mystery.

Inside you will find lurking some of the most disturbed and violent characters out there.

What readers have to say about Mark Tullius and this action-packed collection:

I prefer shorter horror stories and love stories with unexpected twists or shocking, violent ends. This book is a collection of short horror stories that hit all of my buttons!

I really enjoy this assortment of stories, it’s like an adult version of Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark.

These are fabulous stories. They are fun and naughty and dangerous.

Mark Tullius is so dark. He goes to places where the devil would need a map and a flashlight. He has an incredible gift for very meaty short stories. He’s able to tell a very full story in a very short format.

These stories remind me of Sudden fiction, stories that happen in about a page because they jump right in and own you.

Having grown up with Stephen King and Dean Koontz, I really appreciated Mark Tullius’s writing.

A very great collection of short stories. The stories are mostly violent but not really bloody except for one.

If you’re a fan of Twilight Zone, this is the book for you. Lots of short stories with that extra little twist of creepiness.

Dark, violent and perfectly written so you don’t feel like you are missing anything with them being only a few pages long.

Horrific tales, unexpected twists, dark situations, unexplained mysteries, and disturbing conclusions. Mark Tullius compiles 24 terrifyingly unsettling short stories for horror lovers – just make sure you leave the lights on when listening to them!

Untold Mayhem awaits you. Sit back and enjoy the show! Free on Kindle.
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